About us

The Direct Connect Card business card cd is the original business card cd that you put into your computer, it plays a short movie then automatically opens directly to the website of your choice. You supply us with the 2-3 minute movie, or we have a full production studio to make it for you. We connect directly to your website or we can design and create a new website for you too! We can make everything match.

The Direct Connect Card cd is good for many uses. Just a couple are to mail or hand out to customers, clients or potential customers. Everyone will hang on to a cd and put it in their computer to see what it does. If you hand out flyers or business cards most of the time they go into the trash. The C D is a much better investment for your money!

The cost is about the same as producing a 4-color flyer but much more productive since everyone will hold on to a cd when they will throw away flyers. Therefore the Direct Connect Card is a much better investment of your money than making flyers. Invest your advertising budget wisely.

Another use for the Direct Connect Card is for training. For instance you have a small movie with a message from the Chairman, President, or Supervisor of your company for all the employees and then it connects to a training website of your choice. You can order several different versions for different departments.

These are just two of our biggest clients uses, but wait there are many more uses. Get the Direct Connect Card now before the supply runs out and prices go up!